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Soon after Google rolled out the Maccabees Update in December, there is still a lot of confusions and speculations revolving it. Most frequently asked query is ‘Does it affect my website rankings?’


After Googling for hours and referring many top-notch websites. In order to clear out all the mists & myths around it, I have laid down all the important points to check in order to get a web page ranked in Google.


Crawlable URL along with accessible content

First of all, you need to have a structured URL and crawlable content on your site. So, why you need accessible content? Well, the answer is simple. Your page won’t rank if you don’t have a content that the Google can’t understand. When the Googlebot spider crawls your page the content present in your page must be understandable to it, the images, visuals, videos, embeds and everything else that is in the page must be in a readable format, that is put into their web index. It is the most basic thing to take care of. Failing to do this, the rest of the process doesn’t even matter.


Researching the Keywords

Research all the potential words and phrases which are often used by searchers to find solutions to their problems revolving around your line of work. These problems must be solved by your organization via your website. You need a primary keyword and a set of secondary keywords that relate to the queries of searchers. All these keywords must be relatable to the content you deliver. The main adjective is to supply the correct information to the person searching the same query. Now we have a set of primary and secondary keywords to target and for optimization purpose. Don’t know how to search for potential keywords? Well, contact the Best Seo Specialist in Chennai.


Perform SERP investigation

Perform some SERP investigation. It’s just performing a search query on Google and watches the results. Now you would sort out what Google thinks relevant to the keyword searches. Google will always display the content that is relevant to the searched queries. Hence if you post a content that is relevant to the queries searched and that content solves all the questions raised by the solution seekers. Then Google will automatically bring you up at the top. The smart work behind this is to find the gap where no one else has answered the exact answer, there you could post a content with complete relevancy and easily come at the top.


 Most credible website

You need to make your website the most credible one. How to achieve it? Well, let me explain you easily. First and foremost important thing is to create content with the help of the persons with more credibility and who would attract a large number of audiences. If you start to do so then you will make the link building, social sharing happen. Then your content gains more attention in the visitors and searchers and most importantly Google’s eyes. So make this your first priority.


Like we discussed earlier our primary goal is to serve the goal and solve the task of the searcher (I know you might have answered ‘Google ranking’ in your mind. Don’t worry we are getting there only). If you are better at solving their problems like no one else, automatically our credibility increases and Google will realize that this site is wanted by most of the people. Therefore, it will automatically bring your site to the top.


Attractive Title & Meta Description

Yea guys, Title & Meta Description still matters a lot to Google. Some of you might think ‘not so.’ Most of the time Google uses the Meta Description from the page and Title is used even at a higher percentage. The URL is used in the snippet and other elements, however, Google truncates it. The snippets determine how the Google displays in the search results. The results displayed by the Google determine whether people click your listing or not.


Implementing the primary, secondary and related keywords

Employing the related keywords in your content is very important. If you convey everything visually, using images and videos. Google might not pick you out. You need to prove to Google that your content is relevant what the searchers seek by using all the primary, secondary and related keywords in the content of your page.


Usage of rich snippets and schema

While this may not be applicable to everyone. In some cases, like if you are attached to Google news, if you are getting images and visuals through the recipe world, if you get an opportunity for the featured snippet and visual for it along with that credit, you get other verticals which is supported by that schema, then it is worthy for you. You can get the most out of it.


Optimize the Page Speed

Of course, no one likes to wait more than a minute to get what they need. As the internet is skyrocketing each year with an extra G (Well, you know what I mean). Your page should also keep up the phase. Optimize your page to withstand any device. Great visual, great solution, great speed and security make your page to rule the top position. Speaking of security, security is undeniably important. Of course, Google still cares more about HTTPS even though there are other options. It certainly played an important role in 2016 and 2017. It will definitely continue this year too.


Amplifying your content

You have the best page, but who amplifies it. The people and publications will only do this. They make your website famous through word of mouth, using digital platforms and social media. You should earn some solid links and mentions to boost it up. Now the Google crawler automatically gives attention to your page. It makes people see your page first and mention it as high quality and of high relevance.

Follow all these guidelines perfectly and post innovative and informative contents on your site regularly. Google will give your site more credibility and automatically bring you to top.


‘Get it done in the right way or will get out right away’ as soon as the next update from the Google arrives. Remember, Google is always watching you 😉


Hello bro, in the hectic schedule of running my company, ‘How do I take care of all these things?’ If you say so, visit the Best Digital Marketing Company in Chennai and just sit back & relax.


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