Posted by admin at 30 Mar 2018

      When did you watch a video on YouTube? Last month? Last week? Yesterday? Today? Are you saying ‘Oh come on man, only a few minutes ago.’ Yes, YouTube is too addictive and that’s why marketers can’t ignore this medium. It is the right time to start a YouTube channel. But if you already have

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    How to Predict Website’s future – Important SEO Techniques

    Posted by admin at 22 Mar 2018

      SEO is evolving like a magical world that is surrounded by thousands of tools and strategies around them. One can never say whether the magic works or not but every SEO is putting their effort to win the hearts of the search engine. A traditional SEO is a perfect man who follows the tutorials

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    Why PPC is much needed for your business

    Posted by admin at 21 Mar 2018

      In the recent years, the number of people using search engines every day has kept on increasing. People use the search engine for all kinds of purposes. They are not only using it for getting information, but they are also using it for other multiple purposes. According to Google’s own data, there are 200

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    How Social Media helps in changing the landscape for Digital Marketers

    Posted by admin at 16 Mar 2018

      Thanks to the skyrocketing adoption of the social media that it has become an integral part of not just an individual but also of a business. Especially when you are a small business owner and you cannot afford an extravagant marketing tool, the Digital Marketing Services in Chennai are certainly the best resort for

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    Posted by admin at 06 Mar 2018

      Tip for both large and small brands Loyal initiatives and Word of mouth marketing will become more and more difficult business in the service sector as the results will be disrupted by Local Service Ads by Google. Renting back the customers from Google may not be an option for SAB. All the Google –independent

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    Posted by admin at 02 Mar 2018

      One word that strikes us hard both physically and mentally during our initial stages of small businesses is called “Negative Reviews.” Yea, seriously we get tensed and start to sweat as soon as a negative review is dropped.  We try to address the problem in a very polite, friendly manner and try to win

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    How to Rank in Google after the Maccabees Update

    Posted by admin at 23 Feb 2018

      Soon after Google rolled out the Maccabees Update in December, there is still a lot of confusions and speculations revolving it. Most frequently asked query is ‘Does it affect my website rankings?’   After Googling for hours and referring many top-notch websites. In order to clear out all the mists & myths around it,

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    Posted by admin at 20 Feb 2018

      SEO Articles and blogs are indeed a crucial segment for any social media management and online PR services. These SEO blogs and articles help you in driving more traffic to your website. In order to get your brand the attention from potential customers and clients, it is very important to constantly post fresh and

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    Pump Up Your Facebook Ads with Facebook Power Editor

    Posted by admin at 16 Feb 2018

      In this digital era, nothing in the digital medium can come close to the eminence of Facebook. The user counts of Facebook sits right on top with 2 billion active user accounts worldwide. It has created a huge platform for the marketers and business capitalists to brand their business with ease and grace.  

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    Some Sparky Tips to Increase more Leads and Traffic through LinkedIn

    Posted by admin at 09 Feb 2018

      Knowledge and tactics about generating leads from Social media are abundantly available on the internet today. Everyone has their own suggestions and tactics, and most importantly everything works. Yes, everything works but the fact is the tricks fades away in very quick time like a limited edition package.   No tricks are permanent in

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