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    Steps to be taken when Google removes the Organic Search Traffic

    Posted by infiniX at 19 Jul 2018

      Everybody relies highly on Google and hence the decisions made by them of late makes us suffer while doing SEO. There has been an unsettling trend that has been set for the SEO in the current era. They make the SEO a little harder with the number of moves and with increased opportunity. There

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    Diagnosing the SEO Search Maturity

    Posted by infiniX at 18 Jul 2018

      We think that our client is very knowledgeable, motivated to carry out search works just because they agree to pay us. As SEO Agency in Chennai, we start it with a full energy and try to dump almost all recommendations onto them but still, the work is not implemented. Clients usually have advanced knowledge

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    Strategy and Monitoring of Featured Snippets

    Posted by infiniX at 12 Jul 2018

      Features snippets are the immediate answers to the search query which might be a question or a search for specific information. Google shows it at the top of the first page of the search results that redisplayed with respect to the search query. Google has an algorithm that interprets the intention of the visitor

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    How to Master Link Building and its Risk Statistics

    Posted by infiniX at 10 Jul 2018

      The agencies and consultants have a common request for link building strategies. Some ought to give better ideas than others. It’s always been a good idea to have a rule of the thumb. Nothing seems to be more exciting than getting those significant links. Let’s have a look at the consultant and the agency

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    Need of transparency and knowing the risk in Link Building

    Posted by infiniX at 05 Jul 2018

      The relationship between you and the link builder may not be the same in all the cases. One needs to follow the Google’s guidelines to build great links. That work would give more traffic and good rankings. One should follow the risky tactics for building up the links because it seems the competitors should

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    How to expand your Marketing channel beyond YouTube

    Posted by infiniX at 28 Jun 2018

      One should build up the presence of the YouTube which is an essential criterion in the business processes. How one can expand the options beyond YouTube? There is a drastic increase in the video marketing and efforts are diversified which is not surprising to many. According to a recent report, the web users ought

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    Unknown Features of Google Analytics

    Posted by infiniX at 26 Jun 2018

      Google Analytics has the best features of their analytics program which made it easier to use for the visualization features and with the new organizations. The most important things that can be performed with the Google analytics is that it will help you to get most out of your analytics information and that can

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    Uses of Accelerated Mobile Pages

    Posted by infiniX at 21 Jun 2018

      The Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source material which aims at creating a better web for everyone. This helps the Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai to create the proper websites and ads that are really fast, consistent. It is ought to be beautiful and with high performance that works on all devices and

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    Posted by infiniX at 19 Jun 2018

      SEO is ought to give effective results when it is being carried out efficiently. SEO is generally used for driving traffic to our site but it can also be used for branding, marketing and other ideological influence of the website. Regardless of the objective, SEO has been effective in achieving marketing objectives and making

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    A Guide to Machine Learning

    Posted by infiniX at 12 Jun 2018

      The Machine Learning has taken the worldwide advantage and has grown to a certain extent. It comes under the computer science field. It uses the statistical techniques that enable the computer to learn with the data provided. It has certain implications that have been started from small to great discoveries. Machine learning helps to

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