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In the year 2019 digital platform encompasses social media, SEO, content marketing, and PPC which witness dramatic shift. People have dismissed artificial intelligence as well as visual search over the blockbusters latently but the time has gone.
There were so many digital marketing strategies as well as trends that are evolving over the current digital era. In digital marketing, trends change often what you have worked earlier does not work for the whole time not applicable for a longer span.
SEO A/B Split Testing
Testing will be the main component of marketing. Thus SEO 2019 picks out SEO A/B testing. You are recommended to identify the variable increasing the traffic thus you can take the target approach to content change. Improving the clicks, impressions, and traffic for the pages. You should also know the keyword efficiency to improve ranking and enable good traffic rates. Making on page recommendation would help you to improve ranking paving out good revenue. Thus these tests can be done over a period of 15 days.
Implementing artificial intelligence
Implementing artificial intelligence which involves chatbots that interact with the customer. You have Artificial intelligence content marketing. Brand building empowered by artificial intelligence along with living chat that enhances your business to the next level.
Programmatic advertising
Programmatic advertising would be automated with artificial intelligence which can target the specific audience. Thus auctions or real-time bidding would be an illustration for programmatic advertising buy. These strategies would give you efficient as well as faster automation with the higher conversion as well as the lower customer acquisition cost. It has also been revealed that digital marketing been changed with programmatic advertising.
Chatbot one of the efficient strategies in digital marketing.AI based technology has been used with instant messaging to chat in the real environment over the day or night to the customer or site visitors. There were so many businesses using the chatbots or planned to embed over their site especially in the healthcare as well as medicine.

Chatbots have been user-friendly serve the customer interacting with the chatbot which is about to be responsive by giving answers appropriately as well as accurately. You can also recover the buying history in additive you would have patience. Thus they virtually assist the customers by meeting their expectation with repetitive automation. These would help you to focus on efficiency over the customer. Increase your productivity with the automation in 2019 increasing the rate of conversions by the help of Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai

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