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When people look for products or something which is in your business you offer. The search engine will show the page which is most relevant to those products from your site. A visitor first land on the page of your site is called a landing page. This is the same thing for E-mail marketing campaigns as well. When a Person clicks on search results, it will land on the page which is shown in the result. So, every page on your site will act as a landing page.

What is the necessity of optimizing the Landing pages?

Those who have not optimized their landing pages will be having a very low conversion rate for their sites. All these statistics apply only to sites that are about to spend a lot of times and effort in optimizing their landing pages. If you are seriously willing your business sites doing well, then you have to optimize your landing pages.

Understanding your visitor’s mind

The first step to optimize your landing page is to understand the need of your visitors. Each visitor is different and general behavior of the visitor. And most people will expect the following basic things,

  • Assurance that the site is correct for visitors needs
  • Perform as per the user’s expectations
  • Give interesting thing to make the visitors stay on the page
  • Good speed
  • Credibility and trustworthiness

Optimize the landing pages

The following are some of the tips that might be followed while optimizing the landing pages on your site.

Understand your visitors to the site

First, you have to understand your visitor’s mind. To find your visitor’s behavior on your site, there are many tools available. It will show you your visitor’s behavior on your page. So, you can analyze these things and understand your visitor’s behavior on the site.

The page should be visitor’s expectation

If a visitor clicks on a PPC advertisement or the link in email, the visitor will have some expectations about how the page should be. It is very important to meet visitor’s expectations. The fact is, no one will force them to visit your pages. So, if you could not meet visitor’s expectations then the visitor may leave from the site and will never visit again.

Only have essential elements on the pages

It is important to have essential elements on your pages. Only then it attracts the visitor and helps them convert. Also, it might change the different marketing platform. PPC campaign might require on the landing page might be different from what SEO requires.

No need to have the same conversion for the pages

The criterion for conversion does not have to be the same for all of your pages. For instance, the conversion criteria for a services page may be an inquiry by the visitor when the conversion criteria for a newsletter can be a subscription.

The page should minimize options for the visitor

This is mostly applicable to the campaigns of PPC and email marketing. If all the navigation from the page is removed, the visitors may not have many options. Even though you have to keep navigation in an SEO landing page, you could keep only the once that are relevant to that particular page.

The Landing page must have a clear focus

The important things in landing page optimization are the message and focus of the content on the page. It may confuse the visitor if the page has many different things.

 Importance to what is ‘above the fold’

The page which is seen on the screen first when the page opens that is called as first fold. It is important that the content above the fold should be interesting and hold the attention. It’s really important because it may convince the visitor to scroll down to know more information or to convert.

Call to action on the page

It is essential a visitor might take any action on the webpage to go forward through the selling process in the landing page. It may be an inquiry form or add to cart button. It is an important thing to make this element prominent and easily visible to your visitors.

Try and reduce unnecessary action

From a visitor’s side, certain things that you should ensure on your page to minimize unnecessary action:

  • The tab button should work as well as clicking on the links of pages
  • If there is a form on a page, keep only the essential fields.
  • Wherever possible, allow autocomplete, drop down selections and auto-population.

Do not stop testing the pages

The important thing to optimize the landing pages of a site is user experience testing. Because the visitor’s behavior may keep changing. Just because, it does not mean the conversion improvement is the best option which you have. Always you have options that could make your page perform well. The important part of the performance of your site is landing pages and how they perform can play. This is why it is very important to work as a team that will give equal importance to the design of your site.

Simple ways for effective landing page optimization

Create a page according to the demand of product and visitors

Some products or services need great looking landing pages to impress the visitors and to purchase the products. But it is not working for some other services. So the thing is you need to know when you should keep your landing page simple.

Guide your visitors correctly

If visitors clicking on your ads and coming into the landing page, they should know how many steps are remaining yet for their final purchase? It will help them to understand their current position and guide them to do further.

Provide a lot of call for action

If your landing page is too large then make sure that you have provided more than three to four Call for action options to your visitors. So, offer multiple actions to the visitors and make it easy to purchase.

 Some registration forms

Your registration forms need to be simple and interesting to the visitors. Please do not add too much of things and confuse the buyers. So, having a simple registration form and better landing page optimization will also help to attract your visitors.

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