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If you are in the world of Digital Marketing even for a while, you would have heard the word “Domain Authority”. DA stands for Domain Authority and it is considered to be an important part of Search Engine Optimization metric.

  • What exactly is Domain Authority?

Domain authority is a Search Engine Optimization metric developed by Moz which tells about the ranking capability of a website. Domain authority is measured on a logarithmic scale ranging from 0 to 100.

By which, the higher scores reflect greater capability to rank on the 1st page of Google.

And lower scores lesser capability to rank on the first page of Google.

  • What is good domain authority?

A Domain authority below 20 is considered to be low and it means your website can not rank easily for targeted keywords.

What should be the ideal domain authority for your website depends on your website age?

If your website is 1 year old, it should be at a range of 10 Domain authority. Anything lesser than that means either you are doing things wrong or you are not taking measures to improve your Domain authority.

  • Is Domain authority everything for Search Engine Optimization or is it useless?

Using your Domain authority score, you can decide which keywords you can target and possibly rank for.

Google will not directly look at your website’s Domain authority while ranking it but for sure the factors that contribute to your Domain authority scores like backlinks and all linking domains are taken into consideration by Google while ranking your websites.

So the domain authority is important for the search engine optimization. Websites with good Domain authority rank easily on search engine results page while websites with low Domain authority find it hard to rank on search engine results page.

But Domain authority is not everything, there are hundreds of other ranking factors that Google considers while ranking websites.

  • Is it hard to increase DA?

Domain authority is measured on a logarithmic scale of 0 to 100 and because of this; it is easy to increase Domain Authority from 10 to 20 then from 60 to 70.

  • Similar Word for Page Authority?

If you have come across Domain authority, possibilities are there you would have heard the word Page Authority also.

PA stands for Page Authority, this is yet another Search Engine Optimization metric developed by Moz which is used to predict how well a webpage will rank on search engine results page.

This metric works at webpage level and tells us the ranking capability of a specific webpage.

  • How is Page Authority calculated?

Page authority is also scored on a 100 point logarithmic scale.

Many factors are considered while calculating a webpage’s page authority and Domain authority is one of these factors. So if your website has a high Domain authority, possibly it will have a high Page Authority also.

  • Main Difference between Domain authority and Page Authority?

In simpler words, Page Authority tells us the ranking strength of a specific webpage so different web pages on a single domain may have different Page Authority. But Domain authority tells us the ranking strength of entire domain and sub-domain. So every webpage and sub-domain on your website will have the same Domain authority.

  • Where you can calculate your Domain authority and Page Authority?

You will never improve unless you will realize the need for improvement. So, you should first realize and then analyze and thus you can improvise.

Before you take measures to improve your Domain authority, first check your domain authority so that you can track your progress.

You can check these metrics from the official site of Moz.

  • Tips to Boost Your Domain authority Score Fast:

Here are some practical tips to increase your domain authority fast.

  • Internal Linking is the key

Yes. Absolutely, internal linking will help you increase your Domain authority fast.

Including a good number of internal links will not only make your site more user-friendly as users can jump on related topics easily but also for search engines.

If you will have a good number of internal links on a single page that would mean you are having a lot of resources to help your readers out there; thus you will gain the trust of your users and authority from search engines.

  • Focus on User experience

This is getting more and more important in the Search Engine Optimization world. Everyone out there today is saying the same thing- “Focus on user experience” and if still, you don’t pay attention then, believe me, you are in danger.

These means give your user a good experience when they browse your site.

But how?

Give your users a clear navigation system and an easy yet interactive site design. Invest some time and money in a good web design that gives your users a reason to stay on your website.

What about mobile-friendliness?

Make sure your site is mobile friendly. Everyone today is using mobile devices thus it becomes crucial for optimizing your website through mobile device. If you are not doing this, you are giving your mobile users a bad user experience.

  • Speed matters

Website loading Speed is considered by Google while ranking your website; I get to know that speed is also important for increasing your Domain authority.

Good load time is below 4 seconds and also below 3 second is great.

Improving your site loading time will not only improve user experience but also increase domain authority.

  • Take care of Sitemaps

A sitemap is a great tool for search engines to deep crawl your website and gets to know it better. A sitemap would ensure fast indexing and better flow of link juice.

Besides that, if you include a sitemap on your website, this would be a great help for users looking to browse more of your site. In turn, this would increase your user experience. So you need to take care of your sitemaps to increase your Domain authority.

You should also check your robot.txt file is working properly

Register your domain for long-term- Book your domain for some long-term like 5 years. Soon expiring domains lack trust and this can affect the domain authority of your website.

Move to https- make sure your website is secured by moving to https version from HTTP or www version.

  1. Optimize your XML sitemap
  2. Optimize your 404 pages
  3. Check your canonical URL’s
  4. Use markup schema
  • Backlinks!

You know how domain authority is calculated- by evaluating linking root domain and total number links and a few other things.

That means more domain linking to your site would mean more domain authority of your site.

It is not unseen that the number of backlinks your site has more chances it has to rank well on search engine results page.

Backlinks would not only help you rank well on search engine results page and also it will help to increase your domain authority for sure but also help you drive traffic from other sites.

The quality of links is more important than quantity. One link from a DA 90 website is equal to 10 links from 10 DA 10 websites. Understand.

  • On-page Search Engine Optimization is always crucial

On-page Search Engine Optimization techniques have always been major ranking signals for search engines especially Google. In addition, On-page Search Engine Optimization will help you increase your domain authority fast.

You can do your on-page of your site by yourself or you can take help from an affordable Search Engine Optimization Specialist in Chennai.

Make sure all of your web pages get a grade an in on-page Search Engine Optimization.

  • Conclusion

Fellow the above listed Tips to improve your Domain authority and page authority

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