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Title tags still play a magnificent role in SERP. Here we list out the pinnacle of TITLE TAG.


  • Importance of DATES
  • Right LENGTH
  • Optimize for local – SYNONYMS
  • Call To Action (CTA)
  • Help to clarify – QUESTIONS
  • Related KEYWORDS




Title with Numbers is easily spotted because of eye-catching fact which is linked with neural networks. The human brain is trained to snatch a pattern deviation from the norm. So the number is effective and it increases traffic, as 30 – 40% of people tend to go on title with numbers. The same has been analyzed and proven by various studies.

Ex: Top 10 SEO Companies in Chennai


Importance of DATES


ICC World Cup 2019 main run-scorers: Top batsmen positions. If you are from India no more analysis needed for years or dates. Wimbledon 2019 schedule another example with dates.

The importance of dates in the title is when you search to get know the history – what happened in the past. When someone is looking at the result of the cricket world cup 2003, you will end up with little information.




One other feature needs to consider is TITLE LENGTH. The real truth is no character restriction in the title tag, however, the search engines can only display certain limits in SERP.

Important tests in length are.

If you practice SHORT title then it converts more WIDE.

If you practice a LONG title then search engine will cut-off. This will avert the value of articles from visitants. The strategic optimal length of time, as per recent guidelines provided by Google is 50-60 characters.


Optimize for local – SYNONYMS


Based on your preliminary analysis, you found out some popular keywords may best fit for your business. Here are the magic plays, don’t jump to use the same keywords in your tile. Instead, lookup SIMILAR words referred by in your locality and mention that in your article title. This is what we refer to as LOCALIZATION. All the search engine function either a keyword search or information retrieval purely based out localization.   This will boost your rank in SERP as your article title directly referred to in search keywords.

United Kingdom people use “Magnificent” to refer to one who has done well but in India, we use “Great” even in most people still use “Good”.

Google keeps trying to optimize their AI/machine learning-based algorithm to retrieve relevant documents in response to a user query. Still, localization plays a vital part in SERP.


Call to Action (CTA)


The intrinsic feature also the most negligent method used in the title tag is – call to action (CTA).

Technically HelloWorld example for CTA is Netflix – An online video streaming service provider. Netflix boosted sign-up rate in short span of time by mentioning provoking title like “Join Free for a Month“ and “Cancel anytime”.

This CTA keyword is something fresh as most of the others referred a decade old CTA keywords like sign-up, purchase, or trail at the same time.

The survey indicates that use FREE instead of the trail in CTA. An optimized and innovative CTA keywords surely provide excitement to the visitor to move further in your webpage.


Help to clarify – QUESTIONS


Blog / Article should explain something which is still mysteries for others. Help the visitors to understand the concepts. Think in the perspective of visitors, how they will land your page.

Example: If you are doing a mobile-related business and wrote a nice article about switching second call option in the smartphone of the latest version. The visitor will search by how to switch the second call?  If you have a proper title like this will stimulate visitor on click.

This approach comes as “People Also Ask” PAA which was started in early 2015 as research in Google. They uses Natural language processing (entity graphs similarity / relational entity / related questions extraction) to identify the hidden pattern. Google uses in production from 2017, so it gives a magnificent result in traffic.




Finally KEYWORDS. YES, the entire optimization business majorly relies on the keyword.  Of Course, All the search engine (information retrieval or document similarity) providers (from Google to Baidu) algorithm uniquely operates by keywords.

The proper utilization of keywords not only BRING the traffic but actually RECEIVING the traffic. Keep in mind that the SEO will only bring the traffic but the quality of content, freshness, and understandability along with related referred keywords will receive the traffic which will actually sustain & boost visitors in a short time.

There are 100 more features to be added. As I said, the above is a CROWN list of 7 tricks one should addict to follow to get a new ranking.

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