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Features snippets are the immediate answers to the search query which might be a question or a search for specific information. Google shows it at the top of the first page of the search results that redisplayed with respect to the search query. Google has an algorithm that interprets the intention of the visitor and does a good job on that. Featured snippets provide answers to the question like who, when, what, etc. It is also called the quick answers or short answers. Featured snippet tends to appear in the following formats such as paragraphs, lists, tables and even videos. The top organic result comes through the features snippets.


One can monitor the featured snippets and try to check its effectiveness by targeting. The first thing you have to do is to resubmit the URL to Google and then finally search for the resulting Page in the incognito window. By doing this one can target the featured snippet effectively. You can type add URL to Google and then try to submit that URL.


One can also go to the search console to submit it manually. All these help the Google to crawl the page at a faster rate when compared to others. After that try to check the keyword in the incognito mode. This window shows whether or not we are really moving up in the search result. This takes for a couple of minutes even to months’ time.




Google is ought to test the features snippets for a long duration course and definitely, you would have had experiences on that. Anyways try to have an eye on things when it happens. One has to track the ranking for the targeted keyword so that one can make efficiency improvements on that. Also, track for the search console data i.e. what is the click-through rate and the how the impressions have registered. Also, how is the upward trend of trying to target the snippet? The result showed an increase in the ranking which is a good sign that the pages are being improved and helps us to get more featured snippets.


The featured snippet is ought to give us with a significant advantage. Google does a favour by ranking our keywords when the featured snippet is being displayed for reference. Tracking the snippet is an essential criterion which checks for the competition in the market. The featured snippets are ought to produce the high click-through rates. It is also called the rich answers or the direct answers. It comes under the special class displaying the organic results with the most of the information being derived from the target page.

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