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It is pretty harder to build traffic these days. The competition seems to have become higher in the current era. Google is not generating traffic that it used to generate before.


The Featured Snippets are the selected result that comes as a result of the Google’s organic search result just below the ads. The featured snippet is also called the answer boxes. It gives answers to the user’s query in a few seconds. Featured tends to add additional brand value in search results.


The click-through rate on a featured page is ought to increase at a faster pace tending to increase the revenue through organic traffic. The featured snippet comes in three different ways. One is like a paragraph with a text inside a box or a box that contains text and also an image. The second one is that the answer comes in the form of a list. Third and the final one is that the answer is displayed in the form of a table. Many state the featured snippet as answer boxes as the answer is presented to them inside the box.


Google often gives the answer in seconds without linking to its source. It is always better to link to the featured snippets as it includes the URL in its answer that creates an extra exposure to the site that is being linked. A content publisher might find it easy in some way or the other. According to the research, the featured pages always tops within the 10 pages in Google. If your page is already ranking high, then there is a possibility of getting chances to get featured. It is always not required to be on the number 1 position in the ranking.


The most featured site is the Wikipedia search and it is very to beat that. Some of the search queries that get features often are Health, financial, DIY process, Mathematical, requirements, Status, Transitional, etc. Some of the queries that don’t come inside the answer boxes are Images and videos, Local items and shopping terms. The chance of getting the top rank is that when your page is already ranking in a high position.


The best thing about getting featured is to improve the overall ranking of our page. Starting with a good old keyword research gives the opportunity to get featured in the first place. One can also start with a question type search queries that are easier to identify. Try to monitor the questions that people ask on the Twitter. To save the trouble of getting deeper into this in your hectic schedule, you could just point the work to any of the Top Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai.


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