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  • Finally, they named it as “Maccabees” – The New Lime Light Algorithm from Google


It’s been quite some time since Google has teased us with the news of their algorithm to avenge their grudge towards the weak links and spun out poor contents in the search engine. And they started this year with the bang by making all the rumors come true with the updated algorithm Maccabees aka Fred algorithm.


What will be the Impact of the new algorithm in Search Engine?


Like any other updates it is developed to reform the minor goofs of the previous version algorithms but what’s needed to be watched out is the core Update.


The core update of an algorithm determines the significant search query of a web page, change in tallying method of scoring links to your site and the change in the relevance of page content scoring in the search query.


The Core updates will eventually or certainly alter the ranks of your site either drowning or steeping in Vice versa. As per the words from Google officials over the trial run period, the rank drop is sited over the affiliated sites mostly on the E-Commerce sites with the drop in traffics but the nonaffiliated E-commerce sites are minor touched by the outcome.


But other Mobile Friendly Responsive issues and keyword targeting permutation factors are still a hypothesis factor that needs an explanation in the running days.


So, how to Tackle the outcomes of Maccabees?


There are more than expected hype is manifested over the Fred but the official words state it as minor changes. But it has certainly shaken the SEO world. So if you find your ranking go down or if you panic it to be, then here are few suggestions to keep up your standards.


Lookout for the Doggy Links, Short, and thin contents: 


Run through all the tools available in online and improvise on your weak backlinks if you don’t want to drop your ranks in a big difference. Run a complete crawl to sum up the counts on the contents like, let say make it 400 words in the starting lineup. Lookout for large scale repetitions of words in the titles and descriptions, and if you do so, make some changes accordingly.


The other area concerns like the index bloat issues, slow page speed, poor user interface and overbearing ads will hurt your ranking status more than you can expect in this new Maccabees. Have an eagle eye observance on everything and wait for the gambling commences in the ranking.

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