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The Meta descriptions can be of any length but Google has certain limitations. Google has truncated it to 300 characters. Write the descriptive Meta description that gains the attention of the seeker. Generally, the Meta description comes around 60-300 characters. Some write a long description that comes under the non-compete agreement. Video snippets ought to have shorter limits and max out to two lines. They are also restricted by the space occupied by the video thumbnails.


In some snippets, the description seems to be pre-truncated which is neither useful for our analysis. The original Meta description tags were gathered for the analysis of the pre-truncated data. Some sites never seem to use the Meta description at all and they are able to remove the noise. Since even the Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai don’t have the data points it is hard to tell the count against the limits being used.


Is it really worth having a Meta description at all? Google usually truncates some and appends some more extra data to few. Google usually uses the original Meta description tags with some added text. It is ought to add a period to the end of the snippet. Thus Google is ought to modify the Meta description in some way or the other. Sometimes, Google tends to rewrite the Meta description if it is too short or like cases.


It is actually clear with the fact that Google is able to write their own snippet in case of the absence of the Meta description tag. It is also perfectly capable of ranking sites whenever possible. It is also safe to experiment with the long Meta description tags at times. However, the 300 character is the pretty safe method to write the Meta description at any possible time. Snippets are said to be useful and generate more clicks. But it is also fine with the visitors when we expand the write the description so that to create interest to the people.


It is also not about stuffing the keyword with the use of long descriptions. People should open up to write longer ones. Google has provided with more space in the Meta description tag and one can use it to improve better user experience in the market out there. Thus always focus on generating the quality content throughout your page for better results. The fetch and render tool helps to re-index the page once you update the content with a new Meta description so that the results are shown up faster on the SERPs page. For more queries kindly contact InfiniX, the Leading Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai for better results.


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