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Google has certain criteria’s that measures the page to be of high or of low quality. How to identify those quality pages? There are many things to be examined by the SEO Experts in Chennai that determine the grade of a page. The points that need to be determined include search behavior of a particular site, the page loading times, the spelling mistakes and etc.


Some of the qualities that are considered by Google are whether the page content is unique or not. The searchers identify the page value to be unique. Considering many external resources that ought to have the editorial links to the page. Other internal and external links might contain high-quality pages. The page that answers to the user’s query are definitely considered to be the high-quality page. The page that loads faster and connects automatically in any connection is said to be of a high-quality page. The page will be accessible with respect to the high-quality user interface on any device.


The page that is grammatically correct and has no or few errors is said to be the high-quality page and it is considered to be well written with respect to other sites. The content that has text alternatives differently is said to be of good quality. There must be space to add the content points and all the necessary resources for the next citation, etc. The low-quality pages would definitely lead us to some optimization options. Removing the low-quality pages from our site increases the ranking to our page.


The content which is unique always comes under the high-quality page with respect to the Google. They want to add value to the searchers with respect to the unique content. It means the value provided by the particular content is entirely different in many cases. Google would like to see many sources that are linking editorially to the pages. It says that the external resources add high quality owing to its worthy reference ideas. One likes to link the high-quality pages to our sites for better ranking.



The page that successfully answers the search query is said to be of high quality. Even many tests were done by entering the poor spelling or with bad grammar that ought to remove the featured snippets from Google. Non-text content can have text alternatives and hence Google encourages one to use the alt attribute. They want to see the content to be well organized and that is easy to understand and consume. The content should point to additional resources or follow on tasks. Thus external linking will finally do that. The time on the site, raw bounce rate, organic visits, and assisted conversions are not advisable to follow in the page. They themselves become the misleading signals for our page. For more details just visit InfiniX, the Leading SEO Specialist in Chennai.


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