A Guide to Google Penalties in SEO. |

If Google penalizes your website, it means that the website no longer ranks or it ranks very low in the search engine result page (SERP).

A Google penalty creates a negative impression on how your website ranks in the search engine result page due to manual actions or any changes in the Google algorithm.

So when Google thinks if our website violates or manipulates any set of rules made by Google itself, then it strikes the website with a penalty. It is quite difficult to get back high rankings after a penalty, especially the manual action penalty.

What is the “Manual Action” Penalty?

The “Manual action” penalty can be given when a reviewer at Google has manually looked up your website and see if it’s violating any guidelines and make your website search visibility low in SERP.

According to Google’s Guidelines, it is better to avoid tactics like website cloaking, irrelevant keywords, not having unique content, unwanted redirects, etc.

There can be even more reasons than the above for Google to penalize your website. So in order to not get your site invisible from Google’s rankings, we must follow the guidelines set by Google.

Difference between Manual Action and Algorithmic Devaluations.

The algorithmic Devaluations occur when Google changes its algorithm. But how do we know when it occurs?

Google authorised agency in Chennai Says;

When your website traffic reduces or increases drastically on the same day as when there is a new update in Google algorithm then we can call that as Algorithmic Devaluation.

But we cannot exactly name this as a penalty, because website traffic may also increase according to changes in Google algorithm.

For example, The Google algorithm’s Penguin update mainly emphases on the quality backlinks while Panda focuses on unique and quality content.

The Manual action penalty, as the name itself suggests, a Google reviewer manually analyzes your website and checks if it violates any webmaster’s guidelines. This creates a negative impact on how your website ranks in the SERP.

If there are any Google guidelines policy abuses on the website, Google Search Console will notify us directly.

How to Identify Manual Action?

It is quite easy if your website has Google Search console-setup also known as Google webmaster if there are any errors or violations in your website, Google will send notifications via Google Search console.

This is the main reason why every website should have a Google webmaster setup it not only sends a notification if there is any penalty but also helps to monitor and maintain the entire website activities.

Unlike the algorithmic changes, for manual action, the solutions can be easily found on the internet and can also be referred in the Google support page.

Below are some tactics to avoid manual action penalty.

  • User-created spam
  • Spammy free host
  • Structured information issue
  • Unnatural links to your site
  • Unnatural links from your site
  • Thin content with little or no added value
  • sneaky redirects
  • Pure spam
  • Cloaked pictures
  • Hidden content
  • Accelerated Mobile Pages content mismatch
  • Sneaky mobile redirects

Above listed are the reasons that cause the google penalty.

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