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Facebook is the dominant social media site and it continues to dominate though many users have started exploring other social platforms like Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram etc. For brands, reaching maximum number of their followers in Facebook is important, but with Facebook’s algorithm change, posts from pages are treated as a separate category from the posts from users.


Below are tips that will help you to increase your post’s engagement and reach in Facebook.


Be Visual:

Images have better engagement metrics than links or status updates. Post multiple images in a single post instead of an album – this has proven to increase the reach many times. Home Depot posted multiple images in their post and they claimed to have almost 1000% higher reach than their previous posts with only single image.


Take Advantage of Story Bumping:

You may have noticed that you get some older stories from your friends and the pages that you like in your newsfeed and this is due to the algorithm called Story Bumping. In a nutshell, story bumping is all about displaying older posts that you may have missed during your previous visit. Facebook has made some tests and have noticed that Story bumping increases the engagement. As a brand, reply to some of your older posts or share it in blogs, twitter or Google+ to promote your older post.


Do not ask to Like or Comment:

Do not use strong call to actions in your posts. Facebook hates posts that ask users to like or comment on their post. Instead, be relevant and natural. If your posts are relevant, users will engage (like, share, comment and click) more.


Ask for opinions:

Ask questions and opinions in your posts – people love to express their opinions, but stay away from controversial topics. Ask only questions that are easy to answer. Watch what you post. Some examples on social Media posts gone wrong. Anything that you post on social media sites will live FOREVER even if you delete it.


Off the Brand:

Keep one or two days a week as fun days. Post something fun or inspiring – something not related to your brand.


Use Full URLs:

When posting links, do not post short URLs. Statistics have shown that users click meaningful URLs than short URLs.


Example: is recommended than


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Ajay kumar
July 7, 2023

I want to express my gratitude for sharing such an informative blog post. The depth of your research and the clarity of your explanations are commendable. To know more about this topic, click here. Well done!

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