One word that strikes us hard both physically and mentally during our initial stages of small businesses is called “Negative Reviews.” Yea, seriously we get tensed and start to sweat as soon as a negative review is dropped.  We try to address the problem in a very polite, friendly manner and try to win back our customer.


But what if it was not a loyal customer on the other end? If it was some random guy who doesn’t even what your product is based on.


Wait what, Can this happen? Of course it can!

Well for those who are hearing this for the first time, ‘Wake up people.’  Fake reviews are a bundle of nerves for all small business owners as good reviews are their baby steps to success.


As you might have known by now that creating a Gmail ID and shooting out comments (both negatively & positively) is not at all a big deal (like Virat scoring another 100). Many try this trick for gaining positive reviews at initial stages. I know many of you might have tried this for your business. But now days the same trick is now used for spreading negative comments too.



Even though Google has innumerable terms and conditions for user reviews. Even the Top Seo Companies in Chennai are keeping a regular update on these policies. But none are useful in automatically fishing out these comments. It is our duty to monitor reviews very carefully and frequently to avoid any mishap. By marking out all the comments using your own experience and strategy, you can prove to Google that these comments have violated the guidelines and ask them to remove it.


It feels relaxing after hearing that you could remove all the negative reviews right. No, don’t be because it doesn’t stop there. The tricky part is some fake reviewers give only the star rating and do not write any comments. In these cases we can’t prove to Google as star rating doesn’t violate any guidelines as there is no text in it. In a small scale business, you will definitely know your customers very well and it is easy to find which is Fake and which is genuine.



So, how to prove to Google that the comment is spam? Google doesn’t know your customers and also doesn’t give you an option as ‘Not my Customer’ for deleting the comments. Google also gives extreme freedom to the reviewers with any anonymous username to post review on whatever businesses they want. Hence proving them guilty using their identity is impossible. Another downfall is that you need not be a customer for posting a review as all you need is to share your ‘customer experience.’ So it can be anything from trying to make a call to just visiting your office once.



It always hurts us deep down that some random person with no prior knowledge of your business could ruin our business with just an internet connection and Gmail ID. However never lose hope. Always be calm & relaxed while you handle such issues. Your future clients may value you by how you manage to cross the negative reviews professionally.


Try to interact with your followers. Post the Fake negative reviews on your wall boldly and create awareness among audience of such unethical methods. Who knows those who follow and like your service might help you with such false review. There are two advantages in this method, first is you get rid of these fake reviews and secondly you get closer to your followers and even reach wider audience. As they say, ‘Truth alone triumphs.’



Mostly, Google removes some of the fake reviews. But it might not get rid of them completely. In those cases, here is a trick. Just reply those fake reviews with a message quoting ‘100% REFUND’ for their products (which they didn’t buy in this case). Even though you do not spend a rupee out of your pocket, as initially there was no product purchased by that fake reviewer. You give an assurance to your followers that you address all the problems of your customers. It will also give a positive impact about you for your future collaborators. Regarding the ratings you get in Google. Don’t worry if you don’t get a 5-star rating. Even the best businesses in the world couldn’t achieve it. According to a research, for purchase probability an average of 4.2 star – 4.5 star is an optimal rating.


If you struggling to get rid of these negative reviews and want to get a good rating for your business, kindly visit the Best Seo Company in Chennai. I am sure you will definitely get more than what you have expected.

You can share with us the different kinds of fake reviews you have crossed path with in the comment section below.


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June 17, 2023

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