Uses of Accelerated Mobile Pages |

Uses of Accelerated Mobile Pages

Posted by infiniX at 21 Jun 2018


The Accelerated Mobile Pages is an open source material which aims at creating a better web for everyone. This helps the Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai to create the proper websites and ads that are really fast, consistent. It is ought to be beautiful and with high performance that works on all devices and platforms. Google usually doesn’t have a trust on various sites that will speed up their pages on a reasonable timeframe. Thus Google wants to make the web faster and focussed on AMP projects. The Amp allows the web pages to load at a faster rate and gives an awesome user experience.


The pages are ought to load extremely faster when compared to other methods. The users have to follow some basic instructions and can use word press or even other plugins that load super-fast. The AMP is not for the ranking purpose and it is ought to load the pages fast so that it can contribute to the ranking and clicks to a certain level. The SERP uses the AMP results to a great extent and is becoming more common among people. Although people are not familiar with the AMP pages that little icon loads the pages faster. Through the experience and over time people will recognize the AMP pages.

This can be used for the particular needs at any point in time. AMP is usually used by the New York Times and many other news channels and it’s not entitled to this part alone. It has almost become the domain of the largest published sites. AMP is ought to appear more and more in the result pages. The end goals are to drive traffic and produce the familiarity for the brand through the blog contents that helps one to drive more sales and complete the process. If the blog tends to have an authoritative content then using AMP for that would potentially generate more clicks and visibility for your site.


Tracking through AMP is not that easy as one expects. An accelerated mobile page is a technology that eventually removes the page elements that slow down the time of loading like third-party JavaScript. The result is that the pages load in a lightning speed and loads the content effectively and makes the visitors engage in our works. Content discoverability is the key reason that one must consider moving into AMP. One can test it with the regular blog post and the AMP enabled to post. It is an open source technology that is being designed to improve the performance of the web content. For more details, kindly contact InfiniX, the Leading SEO Companies in Chennai.


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