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There are literally thousands of SEO Tools available and the list increases day by day. It becomes really difficult for SEO newbies to identify some good SEO Tools. We are presenting some of the less known but extremely useful SEO tools:




If you want to identify all the possible keywords related to your industry, we would highly recommend this tool. This tool is a great tool to add it to your keyword research toolbox, in addition to Google Keyword Planner. No hassle of logging in, the tool is completely free. This tool pulls up data from Google directly through an API. Sometimes you may get API Error, just be patient and try it again – the server could have been overloaded.


Google Pagespeed Insights:


Pagespeed is an important metric for SEO and this tool not just tells you the score, but also tells you how to improve your pagespeed. Though the suggestions are too technical & not for everyone, get some help from your web development team and see how you can incorporate the recommendations.

Pingdom’s Speed Test:

Though there are many speed test tools, Pingdom’s speed test tool is definitely more reliable compared to other tools. this tool gives the overall time it takes to load the entire page and the number of requests made from the page.


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