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A few pages can really make an impact on the site. The words are given with quality and that can be quantified and still generate great revenues for our business. When we look at the performance of all the old articles it is ought to drive 60% of the organic traffic. Further the indexed pages drive five or lesser clicks for every search in three months. Easy content is always said to be the thing of the past. Content creation requires a rigorous work and heavily supported data manipulation which generally starts with the keyword research.


Basically the content topics are the keywords that are searched on a regular basis. Search volume implies that you are writing the content just to impress the audience. It should be a reasonable keyword that we choose. Take a stand on ranking the site organically with a meaningful one. Focus on the goal and write in the respective page to rank for the correct keyword. Try to rank for the exact keyword which we target on. But linking the keyword to the blog post and linking it directly to the product page is am old fashion. One page should definitely contain one keyword that we are targeting for. It contains the depth of the content with the related topics.

List out the initial list of keyword targets. Filter down the keywords with the exact search volume and searchers intent. Everything is based on the hypothetical keyword potential. Page speed would also have a great impact on the ranking of the website. The visitor should actually wait for the whole page to be loaded fully. The e-commerce website takes seven seconds to load whereas the ordinary page takes three seconds or less than that. It has an impact on the client’s user experience. Slow page will be penalized by the Google that would definitely have an impact on the ranking.




Try to identify the real data and the most important pages before we get started. Tools will also be helpful for picturing the most and least traffic.  Also check on how long the visitors stay on the page and check for the broken links if any. Leads, visits and sales are the important things for our website which is different for each company. Try to include the keyword phrase on the body content. Make sure the images are loading with a proper speed. Have a complete check on H1 tags, Meta description, page title and the copied content. For more queries kindly contact InfiniX, the Leading Digital Marketing Company in Chennai.


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