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With the help of many tools, it becomes easier to identify the bad backlinks these days.  With the increased knowledge and the better link indexes, the bad backlinks are easy to be identified. There may be several items that determine the link which is bad and needed to be removed. The features that come to mind concerning the backlinks are the score of the spammed pages and the Trust flow. This score determines whether the domain is penalized with respect to the features of the site. The flow of the trust determines the quality of the domain with respect to the site. Webmasters help us to identify the trustworthy sites among the other ones. You can also get a guideline from the Top 10 SEO Companies in Chennai. These features alone are not sufficient to tell whether the link is either good or bad.


The Anchor Text is ought to increase the ranking of our site. Even by using the valuable anchor text brings penalty in return to our site. This is owing to the over-optimization technique that is being used. So, how one measure the manipulation of the anchor text? Using anchor text in a scale fashion that will let to judge the links better. Everybody is concerned about the high authority links. Usually, a good link is ought to come from a well-written page that is linked internally. The difference is high between the authority of the domain and the page authority then it is a primary concern for many of us.


The first step is getting the backlink data from the backlink index. There are many links that lie in our index so that one can find the bad backlinks which are the most concern for us. One can analyze using the inbound section of the link explorer. We are actually not concerned about the no to follow links and the deleted links. Thus we can make the status of the link to activate. Set the filters and click the export key so that one can find all the bad links associated with it. Getting the anchor text from the link explorer is pretty simple. Measure the anchor text value and remove the URLs as anchor text.


Link list feature helps you to track the links and tells us whether they are alive or not. Majestic is ought to provide data on poor quality links. It is always good to compare data sources. It helps us with all the long-term problems. Note that the links that don’t exist will not hurt your site in any way. The links that are alive and on the web today are to be addressed carefully. For more details on it kindly visit InfiniX, the Leading SEO Specialist in Chennai.


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