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If you are a business capitalist or a marketer it’s a formidable ethics to improvise to the current trends in the business world to be successful. And here it’s a chance to make your first strike in an effective way with the new comer WhatsApp Business. The world around us has changed drastically in the past decade with the blistering innovations of technology and booming of social media that are the pioneer factors of this change.


These Digital innovations have shut down or actually killed  many techs on its way like YouTube killing the DVD’s, Skype killing ISD calls, eBAY killing the real shopping, Facebook changing the lifestyle of the world and WhatsApp is actually killing the SMS.


Without any doubts, we cannot notice any smartphones users without WhatsApp either with IOS or Android platforms and this medium was effectively used by almost all the major companies in the world in reaching out their consumers.


And now it’s the next evolving step for the WhatsApp the Facebook owned company concentrate more on leveraging SMEs (Small Medium Businesses) enterprise business. As a trail, it was launched in September 2016 in certain countries and officially launched in India in this January 2018 partnering certain companies with BookmyShow, Netflix and MakeMyTrip. As like the normal version the app is a cost of free and available in the Google Play store. Surprisingly the App was initially tested in India before the launch as India is a perfect platform that comprises more than 200 million active users in the country.


The new App offers the small and new business enterprises to open an account for their business with descriptions, Email sharing, Info storing and their official websites. With their trial survey, a whooping ransom number of users of 80% of SMB (Small Medium Businesses) tend to use WhatsApp for contacting their clients or sharing data.


So the company is planning to establish a corporate account for all SMBs enterprises to interact to their customers. To ease all their purpose of communicating with the clients there are metrics like Desktop supports, smart messaging and even automated greetings template are hitched to the new WhatsApp Business.


There are many additional features added to the list of merits like the live video calls and voice calls, location sharing that will help in maintaining a smooth conversation with the customers. The privacy factor is the highlight of the Application as that made it stand out others.


With these amazing amenities in the app it is certainly going make waves in the digital business world and get ready for the next big change.


So, this is all of it about the new WhatsApp Business App; if you want to engage your business in WhatsApp Marketing campaign then hire us for the digital marketing services in Chennai.


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