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SEO-Search Engine Optimization is a process of optimizing a website in order the site performs well in the organic search through the search engine. In simple words, it’s about a method of structuring the website so that it is effortless to locate, read, and indexed by search engines like Google efficiently that will attract more traffic to the site and thus increasing the probability of prosperity to one’s business.


As we are living in the era of digitalization it’s quite evident that all the major and small-scale firms in the world set up a strategic plan in reaching their customers through the internet. And SEO is one technique that is gaining recognition and being adapted rapidly globally. In an ever pyramiding industrialization market in India where the competition instruments the success of a firm or business, it’s crucial that the capitalist opt out to digital marketing strategy.


As the concept of SEO is predominantly followed by many, here are some tricks to stay ahead of the curve.



For attaining organic results in an effective and quick time it’s essential to analyze the backlinks in regular interval to determine the effective links and to disavow the backlinks that hinder the ranking.



Optimizing the images with alt tags, title, and description packed with keywords will attract more leads. It’s an important task that should be made in the very first place.

Optimizing the Metadata is the first and the most effective way for enabling the search engine to crawl your website with ease. If your Metadata contains the essential keywords the user requires then it increases the probability of increasing your rank in SERP’s.



The quality of your content determines the quality of one’s website. Content is the soul aspect for increasing more traffic to the website. Regular updates of quality content with keywords will attract search engines and generate more traffic to the site.



The multimedia contents like attractive images, videos, and slideshows will attract more traffic to the site and engage the visitors to have soothing experience on the site. This will attract more visitors for which one has to thrive hard in making an appealing presentation of the website in improving traffic.



It’s important to monitor the SEO campaign progress in every week or month even though the website is performing well in the SERP ranking.


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