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Everybody relies highly on Google and hence the decisions made by them of late makes us suffer while doing SEO. There has been an unsettling trend that has been set for the SEO in the current era. They make the SEO a little harder with the number of moves and with increased opportunity. There is a feature which is known as the aggressive answer boxes. If we ask for a question, Google is ought to provide not just the featured snippet through which one can earn the click through and also with a special box that contains the answers for the searched question. It directly comes from the Google that has the list of things that is needed for the person.


Google is ought to move onto the commercial spaces, flights, jobs and products where there has been a decreasing opportunity in the recent times. Google tells us not to worry and it will take care of all the issues. There has been a drop in the total organic clicks that has been sent. Local SERP will remove all that is needed for a website. The Local SERPs have been aggressively tuned that never needs a click on the website and the Google has made it tougher for both the mobile and desktop versions even for the local searches.




Marketers must think on how to handle this situation when Google takes away all the opportunities and also how to provide service for our clients and related companies. Try to invest in demand generation rather than demand serving. The second one is to optimise across various platforms. Google rolled the non-zero result SERPs back after rolling them out. We depend wholly on Google for SEO related activities. The changes that are made in Google make SEO troublesome to handle with. Google is changing its focus onto forceful business scenario than it used to be.


There is generally a drop in the absolute natural snaps that have been sent already. The non-result SERPs tend to move back then making them move out. Local SERPs exactly expel the requirement for the whole site. Google has made it even harder in the work areas. Google images and YouTube tend to occupy more portion of the Google web seeks. Try to streamline and enhance the substance that Google shows. Thus Google has become pretty hard for the SEOs. Creating more videos about the relevant topics and post it on YouTube which will have an effect on the website traffic. For more queries Kindly contact InfiniX, the Leading Digital Marketing Company in Chennai.


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