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The most awaited real time Penguin is now live to all!


After the successful development and testing of Penguin 4.0, now it is live in all languages. Moreover, the Penguin’s data are refreshed in real time, while making it visible much faster than ever. Google Penguin algorithm is capable of devaluing spam, by adjusting the ranking based on spam signals, instead of affecting ranking of the entire site.


Penguin 4.0 is now officially part of Core Algorithm of Google. This update can effectively make promotions and demotions of organic ranking for the website due to unnatural links happen faster.


Key Highlights of penguin 4.0 Real Time Update:

Both the positive and negative signals are recalculated
Link Detox Boost serves to be the perfect tool to test and try effects of the link
This real update can impact on all levels of the folders, domain, pages and keywords
Being more granular, this latest update states that any forcefully search engine optimized part of website will trip Penguin filter, whereas other parts will rank well
The Subfolder Analysis of Penguin 4 features Link Detox
The Filter Slice Feature will be helpful to analyze risks involved in keyword groups, types of links, groups of source domains and much more


The first Penguin was launched by Google in 2012, which affected about 3% of search queries. This was actually launched to improve catch sites, which are considered to spanning its search results. With ample changes and many updates, Google has recently released Penguin 4.0 Update. The main reason for this update is, going real time, which means that Google will change and filter link records on a continuous basis.


Although earlier, Google was penalizing websites and filter search results, after the release of Penguin 4.0 update, this has become the regular task of Google. Google will now consider filter and results of the website after every visit to the websites. With this update, Google will no more filter search results after a specific time period, but will now do it on a regular basis. This activity of Google will now give more profound user experience along with spam free results. However, this may be worrying news for event bloggers, who tend to make huge spam, especially to get top rank over night. There is no doubt that this new update of Google Penguin 4.0 is going to be a trend setter in ranking websites.


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