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The world around us is rapidly adapting to the innovation of technologies of today. Establishing a business or starting a business with global exposure has never been easy as these days comparing the past decades. Digitalizing your business through a website and increasing your traffic thus develop a brand attraction towards your business.


As the increasing dependence in the online world, marketing of businesses around the world revolves in and around maintaining an active and engaging website. Whether the site is e-commerce based or a tool used for marketing strategy it’s mandatory that our site is not just for hanging out on the internet. This has paved way for innovation of digital marketing and SEO process. In today’s world of digital marketing it is important that your website is delivering desired results.


To ensure that the site is effective and its delivering results one can use Google Analytics. It’s a free web analytic solution for websites sponsored by google for free in the internet. It’s an enterprise-class tool that generates a detailed statistic report about the visitors and web traffic created by the website.


Google Analytics provides detailed information of your website functioning based on visitors to the site. It determines the quality of the site and it notifies the areas in which there is a need for improvisation.


A marketer can access to Google Analytics by owning a google account and applying the tracking code to google analytics. Once the code is installed the result for the desired site will be delivered within 24 hours. The results will provide you the following details about the visitors.


Location of your visitors
How the visitors reached your site
Browser used by the visitors to reach the site
Keywords used in the search engine to reach the site.


With these details, you will be more prepared to create better targeted ads, strengthen the marketing strategy and create a higher productivity website. It also provides crucial tactical information which designs the strategy for a marketer to proceed in developing the website.


PAGE VIEWS: This enables the marketer to have a detailed report on how many views the website gained on a daily basis.

PAGE PER VISIT: This will make sure about the interest rate of users in the pages of the site.

BOUNCE RATE: Percentage of people clicked off from your site with just a click. If it’s above 50% the progress is below average.

AVERAGE TIME ON SITE: It will make sure about the average time spent by the viewers on the site.

NEW VISITS: This estimates the growth in progress that every marketer envies for.

KEYWORDS: This result will boost our campaign in attracting new visitors based on the keywords used to reach our sites.

POSTS AND PAGES:Google analytics will analyze the top viewed pages and posts from which one can retrieve the desired aspects that attract the viewers to the site.

SETTING GOALS:Google Analytics enables a marketer to set up goals based on the site for certain period of time which ensures the development is progressed in the right direction.


It may be based on page visits, locality based campaign, time engagement, specific events and duration of a campaign. It helps in monitoring the progress and to set a right step towards next level.


For any business of any size, Google Analytics helps in tracking the productivity of their websites thus by creating constant progress in online marketing.


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