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How to get Better Ranking ?

Posted by infiniX at 04 May 2018


A regular check on our website would definitely benefit you in a variety of ways. Try to brush up the websites that make it more appealing for the search engines. The important aspects lie in whether the keyword research has been carried out and the content must be unique and with the quality backlinks. Check for the sitemap as it acts as a guide for your website and it is the crucial component of the search engine. It tells the search engine to crawl and index for the further ranking. Make sure that your sitemap exists and whether it is registered in the google search console. The sitemap is ought to be clean, up-to-date and concise. Try to consult Seo Experts in Chennai on creating a clean sitemap.


Try reviewing the robot’s functionality at regular intervals. Audit your web pages for a perfectly optimized site. The delay in the page speed may lead to higher bounce rates and lower conversion rates. Thus page speeding might also be a signaling factor for the ranking scenario. Google usually looks out for the mobile-friendly site. Be it a desktop version or a mobile version, the google will look for the optimized site that is efficient for a user. Search engines can be asked to re-crawl when some changes are made to our website. Try to efficiently visualize the structure of the site that will help us to determine the website in depth as a whole and even specific page.


Check for the duplication then and there and examine the on page sections regularly. Try optimizing the titles and Meta descriptions that calls for most of the clicks on our website and make it attractive for the users. Make a unique content and unique idea so as to inspire the target audience. Try checking for the broken links and verify the backlinks. The internal linking and the redirection methods are the most important fixes that must be focused on with SEO.



Try to provide the relevant and suitable answers to the specific questions that will help you to earn a featured snippet. Identify the top keywords of your competitors in the market. Just with a little attention, one can do even better. Redirects are a handy way to make a visitor land in a respective page. There should always be an improvement whether you are on the top or at the bottom. We are not asked to change the strategy, just the approach change which leads to the great change in our website. By making a few internal and simple adjustments, one can gain lot traffic through organic search. For more detailed information please do visit InfiniX – Leading SEO Company in Chennai.


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