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SEO Competitor Analysis


There is a famous saying “Keep your friends close and your enemies closer.” This may or may not apply to your life but it suits well in the case of Digital Marketing Services in chennai. Link Audit is one of the basic things we do for a client when we are trying to compete with their competitor.


Competitor analysis is very helpful as it permits you to crawl directly into your competitor’s sites that enable us to explore beneficial backlinks which helps us to organically outrank your website.


Now, without any delay jumping right into the topic. Many tools help us in competitor analysis. These include Ahrefs, SEMrush, Moz’s Open site Explorer and Majestic Site. In order to get the most out of it is always wise to use multiple backlink analysis tools.


When you initiate your audit always give priority to the objectives of the client. Obtain a clear idea from them whether they need to promote their content, ranking of specific keywords or boost their domain authority. Sometimes it may be all the above.


To examine the quality and content of the portfolio of the backlink, evaluate your trust and citation flow. The value of the inbound links is evaluated by the Trust Flow. The reach of the website is evaluated by the Citation Flow.


The referring domain’s average and Trust Flow of your competitors will give you a target for the website to procure through its campaign for link building to measure its rank organically.


Majestic tool will help you in finding the highest ranking keyword phrases, pages that receive the most traffic and the most popular pages along with the links. These enable you to find what is successful in your website so far.


Domain Authority & Trust Building

Now moving on to the competitive analysis. To list out your competitor just perform a simple Google search of the service you provide. Pen down the first page high rankers and file them in a spreadsheet.


Another method is to get it under the ‘Competing Domains’ tab in the Ahrefs. You could also search for it in SEMrush which has another option like this.


Skim through all the referring domains and the backlinks of your competitor. Moz’s Open Site Explorer, Majestic and Ahrefs Site Explorer will help you and provide a full list of referring URLs. You could export them and save it in a spreadsheet.


Note via each domain’s profile URL to find:

  • Shared links among your competitors using Ahrefs ‘Link Intersect’ tool.
  • Link opportunities from branded text URLs.
  • Dead links.
  • Domains that link multiple times to a single domain.


Branded anchor text containing will open up numerous backlink chances which include:

  • Case Studies
  • Directories
  • Testimonials
  • Resource pages
  • Guest posts
  • Citations


Homepage links will help you calculate the business reputation. It also provides a result of their success getting inbound links.


Export a spreadsheet with the competitor’s report. Use filters like anchor text, domain authority. To speed up the process get the scraper tool SERP to filter easily.


Sort your desired metric by placing in one column all the filtered backlinks. It gives a rigorous collection of leads of the inbound links.


To sort out the list, filter out the URLs and duplicate domains. Run all your competitor’s backlink profiles using the filters. Most of the links can be links from various websites having low authority and trust, paid links or spam. Very less number of links will be actually present good leads.


These above methods will help you to obtain more and more valuable unique links which helps your website to improve quickly and steadily.

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