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Loyal initiatives and Word of mouth marketing will become more and more difficult business in the service sector as the results will be disrupted by Local Service Ads by Google. Renting back the customers from Google may not be an option for SAB. All the Google –independent led channels will have more value now. In a recent study it is said that, in terms of conversions and cost, LSAs might succeed more than the traditional Ad words.


Content is always the king

The value of content will rise. It plays a major role in everything right from Google Posts, Q & A’s, voice search, owner responses to each step of sales sector. This will make all the agencies which followed a strict local SEO consultant methodology will now have to learn the organic keyword research fundamentals and link building. They might also need to learn structured data to deliver pro-level suggestions in the omnichannel environment. Now the clients will eventually become the solution for the problems or doubts and solution will reside in their content development on their site. It might not a problem if the Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai follows all the rules right from the beginning of the site.


Retailing downsize and Online Stores

Nowadays, Amazon has become the ‘all in one place’ in the retail industry. The home delivery and returns from our homemade they succeed in the business. Even the profits of large brands are in diminution slowly due to the new environment adaptation process. Soon they reduce to the showroom scenario and cutting costs eventually, might also be increasing sales as personally assisted consumers who sidetracked from store-cart neglecting. It may or may not be an optimal solution for not so rigid brands but it is considered for the local SEO industry as the showrooms are the physical locations and hence it is valid for all the products of our traditional campaigns.


SMB will have the top quality pass

Local brands will have the trump card called ‘quality.’ Targeting customers who require things with certain attributes specifically (like made in India, Truly local, luxury, handcrafted, higher value, etc.). Calculating and sketching out all the points of contact at the customer end (how phone calls are made, how they manage the local business data, responding to the reviews, etc.) matters much. There is an interesting story of a cab driver who launched a delivery business as a side business. Eventually, he had grown to a stage where he quit his job and hired additional drivers, got a 5 star, in numerous positive reviews all credit goes to his excellent customer service. With top notch customer service and quality as the basic requirement, any small-scale local brand can achieve global success.

 In-pack ads

Due to the increase in concentration on direct local advertising by Google, the in-pack ads will definitely expand. Local pack ads will not only appear on more queries. It will also take a strong step to desktop SERPs and also in Google home.

 In-SERP features

The local SERP features which are targeted will also grow broader. Local service ads will be rolled out to more services and cities in 2018. Google has also shown interest to create specific content for both local and organic.


Decline in Direct website traffic   

Google will continue to drive the local search traffic to its properties (i.e. Maps). Over the period you might have seen that the local packs go from results linking directly to the websites to buried local site links somewhere in 2 layers deep. The local knowledge panels will completely submerge the local sites. Google delivers all the local data directly and manages not to allow the redirections to local sites.


Real world Data

Leveraging our personal data to get more personalized information is not a new thing for Google. In fact, it derives the real world data from our device and credit cards in order to get current prices of gas, products, foot traffic, visit length, customer types, gender etc. So next time you see a personalized data on screen don’t get surprised because you have been compromised. (Beware! Nothing is secret anymore)


Anything and everything on Google

Backed by the listings of local business the maps and SERPs will continue to establish as the only place for local business information. Small-scale businesses will be of importance only, but it serves more as a source of data which can only be accessed at one place and that is called ‘Google.’

The one common question ‘Is Google good or bad’ (like the famous dialog in ‘Nayagan’) always rings on our head. Well, the answer is ‘neither.’ Yea, it is true. Google provides an opportunity to the brands that play the game well. Customer first companies tend to stay strong no matter whatever change does digital marketing go through. Educating yourself in this field and keeping customers as your first priority you could easily succeed this year.


Do you think there is more to learn this year to keep up our companies phase? If yes, then do let us know in the comments below.

Dealing with SEO and getting ranked in Google is really a tiresome process right? Worry not! Just leave the work to us for Digital Marketing in Chennai and anywhere in the world.


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