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Why Seo Training

Posted by infiniX at 29 Feb 2016


It’s my firm belief that everyone who runs a business or into marketing should invest in a SEO Training. If you are a CXO or a decision maker in your organization, invest in training your marketing team in SEO and Digital Marketing.


Here are few reasons on why SEO Training:

When companies approach infiniX for SEO services, one shocking thing that we have noticed even in big companies is the absolute lack of SEO knowledge among their web development team – even the basics. One company called us in panic after sudden drop in online traffic and online business. When we investigated, their web developer has renamed some pages without performing a 301 redirect. Another company wanted to rebrand their website and completely re-designed their website in Flash considering only the user interface in mind which lead to significant drop in their website traffic. They approached us when their web developer has already done enough damage. One time we received a call from an organization that has outsourced SEO services to a SEO company, but started getting lower and lower rank in search results. They had no clue what the SEO Company was doing and how the techniques that SEO Company follows is adversely affecting their website. They have already done enough damage to the website and it was too late for us to help them. This is why web developers should undergo SEO Training. Bottom line if you are a web developer or a decision maker in an organization, ensure your web development team is trained in SEO.


Marketing team should start realizing the full potential of SEO and incorporate it in their organization’s website. The marketing team need not fully understand the nuances of the SEO and implement SEO themselves, but they should at least undergo the training that will help them abreast of technology and enable them to communicate effectively to the SEO team if they do not get enough leads.


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