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The relationship between you and the link builder may not be the same in all the cases. One needs to follow the Google’s guidelines to build great links. That work would give more traffic and good rankings. One should follow the risky tactics for building up the links because it seems the competitors should keep up the task. What we really need is the transparency. The business owners and webmasters ought to use the link team but never saw building up the links. One should know where the links are placed and have to report accordingly.


There were more serious problems related to the link building techniques. It is not about doing the things in the right way and taking a lot of risks. It is all about staying honest about the work being done. When the link building is left to a contractor, there has been left multiple steps away from the link builder which is not meant to be a good scenario. Paid links also have the potential problems that we may face it down the lane. People out in the industry don’t read about the updates in the Google’s algorithm, manual penalties and the method that gets the high hit. One really has to be an educator and also a service provider.


Disclosing the information to the people who hired us is an important criterion in the SEO tactics. Explain the process of what is done and where it is done, etc. One might have an answer for some of the questions before link taking up the link building strategy like how to build the links, how to submit the site to the directories, how to do the broken link building techniques and so on. One has to read the Google webmaster’s guidelines and check whether any new items have been added to it.



With respect to the online marketing, one can be ought to do well and later drop off in the ranking for many reasons. The risk of deindexing is not found often but have to be taken care of. Some don’t seem to follow the Google guidelines but ought to enjoy the rankings and gain traffic. On the other hand, some ought to do nothing but bounce back in the ranking scenario. Being honest is the important criteria either with the team or with the partners.


The link builders are the people who carry out link audits and fix the backlink issues. Some ought to work good for one day in search marketing and not for the next day. Nobody can tell exactly why the pages rank in their own way. For more details kindly contact InfiniX, one of the Top 10 Seo Companies in Chennai.


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