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The foundations of technical SEO:


Crawling a URL’s capability to be exposed by the search engine. URLs that remain not crawlable might still be reachable to users directing your website, however, because they are unseen to search engine, they can’t seem in search results.

  • Recognized to search engines. Search engines discover URLs by reading and crawling sitemaps and links.
  • The maximum search engine will respect Meta robots commands and orders in a robots.txt file that ask them not to crawl specific pages or directories.

Likewise, although crawl budget may look obscure and problematic to count, the simple source is that when the budget of crawling is upraised and when priority pages are accessible first, more traffic can be increased through search engines. Technical SEO uses correctly how pages are exposed and listed to promote superior crawling; it influences past data for crawl frequency and past situations that enflame improved crawling action to develop current crawl tariffs.


Indexing and crawling are the dual primary responsibilities of the Google bot. By making many modifications in advance, webmasters can simplify the indexing of their websites. This lets the bot to do a systematic job and provides the websites the chance to rank well. Basically, website index ability refers to how simply and effectively internet search engines are able to read the pages on a website and determine their ranking. Given ahead are some ways that will help you optimize the way your website is crawled and indexed to make it stress-free to find on the web.

A good way to know how Google crawls and indexes your website is to regularly check the data in the Google Search Console. This search console offers a lot of tips to help you optimize the way your website is crawled. Under ‘crawl errors’ you will determine a detailed list of both 404 errors and the so-called ‘soft 404 errors’. These specific errors describe pages that aren’t displayed appropriately and for which the server doesn’t return any error code.

Website performance

As you are aware the Internet is a huge space and there are hundreds and thousands of websites that are hosted on this large space. Every website is different from the other in terms of content, designs, colors, theme, buttons, and layout. Static websites were replaced by dynamic ones, which brought new opportunities for business owners. Adding not only useful but at the same time, effective features to the sites help to attract new visitors. Which results in higher revenue of the organization if implemented properly. And which used to improve the website performances.


 The role of technical SEO in improving positions

Google is the most popular search engine in the internet world. These days, everyone is trying to improve their website ranking on Google, so that viewers can easily find their site. To get a high ranking on Google is not just a few hours or days job, but it is a long process. Google employs a variety of factors to decide your position on the search result page.

How to get high rank on Google?

Google keeps on changing its algorithm and criterion to determine the rank of your website on search results. But, there are several tips that can contribute to increasing your page rank on Google.

Use the appropriate keywords:

Most of the websites select the wrong or irrelevant keywords which are the main cause of their failure to get a higher page ranking on Google. Spend time to find and analyze the keywords which can give the maximum conversions and boost your ranking. One of the best ways to do this job is to use analytics software such as Google Analytics. This software will aid you to notice how viewers are interacting and discovering your website and most importantly which keywords are effectively keeping them engaged. Instead of using a single word keyword, you can use a keyword phrase which will be more effective and fruitful. Do not use more than one keyword phrase for one page as it can look spam and odd.

Quality content is important:

 Prior to publishing the content, make sure that your content should be of premium quality and should contain relevant information. Your content should be created especially for your targeted users as it can improve direct traffic to your website and also enriches your website’s influence and relevancy. Use of right keywords on the right position in your page is important. Make sure that you update your content regularly; updated content invites Google to notice the website instantly. While posting your article, don’t try to forget to use Meta descriptions and title tags in the article.

Use external links to your post:

 External links plays an important part in improving your rank on Google. Google drives to your website when external websites are linked to your post. Before choosing the number of websites for external linking, follow the right strategy. Find the audiences on the web that can take advantage of your posts and reach the websites that have such huge audiences and tell them about the posts. These websites might then advertise the post.

Website design is a vital aspect:

When you are dealing with the question that how to get a high rank on Google, website design could be an effective solution. Choose the most dynamic, appealing, user-friendly and graphic based web design for your site so that it offers the aesthetically pleasing experience to viewers. Design the web pages which are search engines friendly and provide the rich and relevant information to intended users so that they can clearly understand what your site is all about and what your services are.

Using links to boost rankings

The different link building tools must be used to discover the important links of the top websites. Then, the links of these websites must be strategically used. These are highly capable to influence the rankings of the websites. Thus, if anyone manages to get these links from the major websites, then the rankings of their web pages will increase drastically.


 The link between SEO and user behavior

A contextual link is an SEO tool which points to your site and targets a specific keyword phrase in its anchor text. It can be thought of as combining the two SEO powerhouses of content and linking. Following are some top contextual link building tips. If it seems like too much at once, just remember that you don’t have to try it all now. The experts recommend building your backlinks slowly, so do a little at a time.

Perform an internet search to find a good page ranking tool. Experiment until you find one that you’re comfortable using. It would be a good idea to check page ranks and get as many links as possible from pages with a high-ranking.

Figure out the keyword phrase which will offer the context for the link. The internet content material from the linked website ought to concentrate on exactly the same factor that’s indicated by the keyword phrase. Link building campaign if they do not agree, then there’s no context and also the page ranking will not assist you to like a lot.

Do not concentrate on just the lading page. When linking towards the desired web site, think about utilizing deep hyperlinks to particular pages. Most users are not just searching for house pages. They’re searching for particular info. Hyperlinks to pages that include helpful info will get much more pages inside your website ranked and assists with general ranking.

Submit articles with hyperlinks. Write-up content material ought to flow logically and be simple to study. Invest some high-quality time with high ranking bookmarking and social media web sites like Twitter and Stumble. Some will offer the chance to obtain context oriented hyperlinks for desired web sites. Just keep in mind not to obtain carried away and develop too numerous hyperlinks too quick.

Discover a handful of relevant forums with great page ranking. Consist of a context relevant link inside your signature, then interjects a thoughtful opinion there as soon as inside a whilst. Also appreciated are issues like fascinating mini-essays or lists of favorites.


By doing the above steps you can optimize your website to bring more traffic to your business. So let try it now with Top Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai and Top SEO Companies in Chennai


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