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Content Marketing is not just a bunch of blog, landing pages and tweets it’s more than that. There is more to content marketing than just stuffing the website with flashy sales and branding messages. Writing content which is useful and of high quality to the audience at the correct time is not a simple task. It needs a strong commitment and focus to deliver the desired content.

Recent researches indicate that a good content marketing strategy can aid to the overall success of the company in meeting its sales goals. However, a successful content marketing has no one fits all formula that you can follow. It needs a dedicated performance and resistance to the temptations to quit.  This brings us to the pursuit for the aspects that will assist to connect with the audience and help them with relevant and contextual content.

Here are some of the strategies you can follow to create a successful content marketing plan,


Understand your audience inside out


The main objective of Content Development in Chennai is to keep the audience occupied with valuable information’s. For this you need to know which strategy will work the best, to get grand reactions across the board. The answer to this is not going to be always white and black as your customer base grows. As their responses and preference will differ from time to time.


Before creating any content have answers for these questions,

For whom exactly you are writing this content for?

What problems are getting solved by this content?

What activities do you want the audience to take?


Cultivate your leads carefully


 Today, it is imperious for marketing content to keep the audience educated even if they are searching for solving problems with no purchase intent. Ask yourself how many times you would search google and how many different ways would you do it?

This will lead us to the concept of the sales funnel. Which is, a lead considered as a possible customer, who will buy a product or service if you show them that you are the best at solving their issues and can be a potential aid for them.


What should be the proposed action for the content?

Whether it is to get signups and educate?

To get a demo by answering questions?

Or is it to get people to buy your service or product?


Keep it simple


Have you read content or watched a video which you instantly disliked. Chances are there, it might even make you turned off at their brand itself. This is the reason why it is vital to write the content for the average Joe. Because you can’t assume that everyone understands the fancy words thrown out your industry every week. This is the reason why many content strategies fail since most of the times the creators write the content for themselves, not for the customers.


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