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In this 21st century, the process of business development and branding is going digital. If you want to increase your profit in the business, the only option is to take your business to the next level of marketing. Your business can be successful if you know how to deal with your business affairs in the right way. This article covers some of the essentials you need to consider to ensure success, growth, and profitability of your business through Digital Marketing Companies in Chennai.
The traditional way of advertising was gone. It won’t work in the present competitive market. This situation leads to the invention of digital marketing. Digital marketing is the process of advertising and promoting the business through digital media channels like websites, social media, mobile phones etc.
Why the focus on digital marketing?
For the business owners, the various forms of digital marketing services are very low in cost. Having a business website, interacting with the ultimate consumers through social media, email marketing is comparatively lower than print advertising, direct mail etc.
For the customers, it helps to have a good customer care service, attracts many customers to shop online, because it is more convenient and time-saving.
You can effectively run your business by increasing returns through digital channels, irrespective of the size of your business. Try to invest in your business website wisely.
Following are the things to be considered, while developing your business website:
• It should be easily navigable and up to date
• It must Provide multiple platforms for customer interaction
• Represents your business and brand
• It should be available on the results of top search engines like google, yahoo etc.
• Connects to other marketing channels
Because your website is the primary foundation, which all other social media / digital channels will lead. And it is considered to be the top business investments.
The above reasons show that the digital marketing techniques are easily adaptable and quick result driven with lower cost. It is important to know about various digital marketing elements, which are as follows:-
• Search engine optimization
• Content creation
• Search engine marketing
• Email marketing
• Social media optimization
• Mobile marketing, etc.
• Social media marketing
But, nowadays many startups were ending up with losses, due to the lack of proper marketing technologies. Most of the companies in the world, having their own websites to capture the ultimate customers. Because it is very convenient, easy to use, customer friendly etc.
Instead of using traditional marketing methods, you can use digital marketing services to boost up the business revenue.
SEO is the process of making your website to be found on the top results of the search engine like Google, Bing, etc. when the people make a search for relevant to your business or services. But it definitely takes time to be developing a website (late process). The main objective of the SEO is to get your website to be found in the top of search engine results. Professional SEO services having his ability to lift your site above your competitor’s websites. They ensure that the site has a unique setting that attracts internet users.
Ok, let us see about SMM and SEM and how it works:-
SMM stands for Social media marketing, its main objective is to promoting / advertising the product or services in the social media. The content should be funny and short, but it must be engaged and relevant to the business. SMM does not involve in search engines. But it plays a vital role to create traffic for your business site.
Because people are not attracted for the elaborate ads and posts in the social media at the first impression. Brands like Nike, lens kart, myntra have developed their businesses through advertising in Facebook. Now they are considered to be the top brands in India. The basic goal of the SMM is to increase the brand visibility, interact with the users, reach more customers, getting feedbacks etc. they create content and post on the social media to create awareness about their particular product or service. There are several Social Media Marketing Companies in Chennai, to provide digital marketing support the companies irrespective of size.
Social media campaigns are involved in activities like
• Creating a social media presence of your brand on major social platforms
• creating easily shareable contents and advertisements
• Generate customer feedback throughout by making surveys and contests
The SMM can be done in two ways, namely:
• Passive SMM promotion
• Active SMM promotion
Passive promotion deals with promoting updates, activities on social media by uploading video statuses, publishing images, tweets, blogs and articles. This is very helpful to analyse the customers’ reaction to remove the dissatisfaction, cure the problems, and develop their brand experience.
Active promotion deals with adding lead from the content on the website towards social network. Social networks used for SMM activities are Facebook, Twitter, google+, LinkedIn, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram.
On the other hand, SEM stands for (search engine marketing), SEM engaged in the paid campaign, it is none other than google AdWords and Bing AdWords. It is similar to SEO. But, you can see the results faster than it. SEM includes the position of targeted advertisements in a user’s web index results.
It is the best choice to reach your target audience. It boosts your company’s exposure well. It compels your market to visit your website as a first option. Through proper SEM techniques, your sales will definitely increase and your revenue swell.
• 90% of the internet users do not look any further page, than the first page.
• 70% of the internet users clicks only the first three links of the first page.
It means the position, on the first page in the search engine is the ultimate goal of the companies. This can be done only by SEM in less time. And it is very useful to grow your business rapidly, in an increasingly competitive marketplace. All you need to do is, find the best SEM Services in Chennai and invest for your website to increase the revenue.

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