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SEO is an exciting and ever-changing channel. The innovations in the way we search like voice searches, Algorithm updates from Google and the ever-changing user behaviors keep us the SEOs in our toes. This makes it important for us to have ongoing learning and adaptable strategies to become successful. But, we shouldn’t ignore the basic principles of SEO when chasing for advanced tactics and innovative strategies.

Recently the term searcher intent is getting thrown around in the SEO community. But what actually is searcher intent? To get the answer to this, ask your clients these two when they bring the list of keywords to target for SEO.

  1. Where should your page or site rank?
  2. What will these ranking achieve?

These questions drive at an intent, which will force us to analyze the audience and searcher behavior before finalizing the keywords and strategy for Seo in Chennai. Because Searcher intent is the basis for any successful SEO strategy.

Queries can be categorized into these types based on the searcher intent,

Informational intent

Usually, People who are entering informational queries tend to search for information’s about a topic or subject. These are the most common types of searches and usually, have the largest search volumes. Informational searches tend to also rank among the top of the SERPs. But, during the search phase, the visitors are less likely to convert into customers.

Navigational Intent

When a searcher already knows which brand or company to look for, but needs with navigation to reach the desired website it is called as navigational intent. These searches usually involve keywords that involve specific service or product name, company or brand names.

Commercial Intent

These queries are a mix of transactional and commercial queries. Usually, people who search like this have a transactional intent for example to buy a product. Also, to look for some information sites to aid them in making a decision for the purchase.

Transactional Intent

Transactional queries have the most commercial intent among other searcher intents. Usually, people with these searches look to make a purchase or use a service. The common queries associated with these searches include [sale] or [price]. The SERPs based on transactional intent or 100% commercial pages (services, products or subscription pages).

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