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Conversion Rate Optimization

What is Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) and why it is a crucial process for the E-Commerce website to gain profits?  


Conversion rate refers to the rate at which traffic attracted to the website are converted into customers. When the visitors to the website perform the predefined action mostly like purchasing products, filling up a form or registering to the site will result in increasing conversion rate. If suppose volume of 100 people visit your site and 5 of them buy the products in the site then the conversion rates will be 5%. In this case opting to Conversion Rate optimization process will help the business websites to improve traffic and the percentage of people buying the products.


In today’s competitive digitalized world it is crucial that the Conversion rate Optimization is part of your Digital marketing campaign which should be created by a professional Digital Marketing Company in Chennai.  The requirement of Conversion rates varies from different sites based on the business purpose. It involves in deliberating changing aspects of the customer journey, product pages, and call to action reference to increasing the conversion rates.


Why CRO is most important for the E-Commerce Websites:

The evolution of smartphones and the internet has paved way for existence of online stores for anything and everything. This has resulted in e-commerce juggernaut but all these firms are vying for the same set of customers. So it is necessary to understand the person needs to make them buy rather than to bring more traffic to the site. In contrast you will acquire more return on investments when you turn more visitors into buyers.


The best way to improve the conversion rates in ecommerce site is to analyze the factors that are why people are abandoning the shopping cart. Factors that hinder conversion rates in ecommerce site like

  1. People surprised by the price of the products and go elsewhere,
  2. Not convinced with the discounts and offer prices comparing other sites,
  3. Deterred by the requirements to sign up an account or
  4. Unable to proceed based on the payment methods ,
  5. Accessibility of website in mobile phone based on the responsive factors, must be analyzed by making constant customer feedback and online survey.


As CRO is not a one-time process, keeping an eye on analytics and tracking the zones that are beneficial is extremely important. Tracking every lead and the conversion rates on daily basis with Google Analytics on which area the traffic is acquired, demographics, and the time spend on each page of the site will guide you in moving towards the right way rather than working in a blind spot.


In the present era with the existence of paramount of E-commerce vendors globally Conversion Rate Optimization is mandatory for gaining potential customers to the site. Also do consider about selecting right SEO Company in Chennai to optimize the conversions properly.


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