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There are various things that make us interesting when we dive into the vast topic of internal linking. Some links in the on-page carries more weight and are more important than other links. If you could identify which ones matter more and use these in your site. Then you will definitely get potential and incremental benefits which solely depend upon how you utilize it.
So, reverting back to the question of whether inbound links should be given priority than others. Here is the explanation.


Content based links should be given the first priority


Yes, it is true that Content based links should be given more priority than the navigation links. Having a link about another exiting product like Cheese pizza or Briyani makes the user to click more which also carries more weight than the navigation to the Google’s eyes.


That might not be true universally, but practically, this is the reality. So when some link in navigation. Then it is in navigation only. But when something is in the content I am reading. It is specifically inside it. You get the difference right. Even though the cause and effect can’t be sketched out perfectly, we can realize this when we get to the eternal links.


Footer Links are Valued Less


Any link that in placed in the footer which is not in the primary navigation. It may be on the top or side even in the content of the page. Links that are down here internally might not carry much value. In some cases, it even carries no weight other than used for indexing.


More Links More Weight


Even though it is still a theory, many papers have been released regarding this. Even a hypothesizing is revolved around the SEO community that Google is monitoring people browsing the web and they get that data and conclude that this is a trafficked page. It gains lots of visitors from this particular page. This navigation is preferred more than this other navigation because it is not used by many.
There are numerous ways in which Google interprets these data and collect them. It interprets from the size, CSS qualities and even the visual appearance of the page.


Visibility helps to Gain Weightage


This can be experimented. If the site has very small fonts for their content and very tiny links, they are very difficult to be accessed by the visitors or some might even not notice that link at all. In such case automatically they won’t carry much weight in the rankings.


Multiple links to the same URL in On-Page


To easily understand this, let’s take a site has a product link on the top of the page along with the content. It also has the same link with different name under the footer. Google will notice both links. Both the links points to the same page, this page will not inherit values from both of them. It will inherit from the first link of the page.


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