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The domain selection should always be based upon our goals. Selecting the particular domain is a big phenomenon, and there are many things that are associated with it. Everything has the power to determine the URL and is based on the following two questions that is what are the goals and what suits the users at its best. Domain should always be selected by choosing which aligns and supports all our business goals. There has been a raising question for the SEO people around the industry. The client has series of questions in their mind like is there a need for the micro-site, sub domain or there is a need to consolidate all the sites. There must be a different approach for focusing on the goals respectively.


Choose the domain that exactly matches all our business goals and the goals that are destined for our website and the users. By the end the answer is that we are going to have a domain that better suits our unique and respective goals. At first we are going to use the different terminology in the SEO industry to reach our goals. The Main domain is also called as the root domain which is nothing but the one that precedes the dot com of our site name. For example it can be shown as “”.


There is another domain called sub-domain which is also called as the third level name for your domain. Example is as follows, “”. Then comes the sub-folder which is also called as the sub-directory. It is a folder that comes just after the dot com. For example, “”. The Micro-site is the one that is entirely different of that of the main domain. To be precise, it is little bit more comfortable than the main domain. There are many business goals that can actually impact the domain structure of our website. Every business has to grow its revenue and gain more customers. Thus the type of business goals can impact the selection of domain.


First let’s say the business needs to expand its locations, products and services. They need to establish its growth and expand in some way or the other. For example if the store has two locations then there is a need for two websites. If in case to expand it to a newer location then just the addition of pages would be necessary than to create a whole brand new website. Try to set the distinct face of the businesses. And also differentiate the brands that are unique and have sub-departments in it. Try to organise a temporary campaigns. Finally test out with a new agency and see whether it could impact on the domain structure. For more details contact InfiniX, the Leading SEO Specialist in Chennai.


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