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Content Strategy

Goal Setting


Always begin with the end. What goal you are trying to attain? Are you going to attain more leads? Are you trying to push an approx. ratio more in the sales? Are you driving more subscribers for a newsletter? Note down the things to achieve in the beginning. This enables you to find the correct category of content that is to be created and what are the calls-to-action must be. These strategies are also followed by infiniX – Leading SEO Company in Chennai.


You own a service based business and lead generation is your final goal, then creating a content that explains all the deep insights about your company is a well-known strategy. To go a bit deeper, interact with the customer with the help of providing call-to-action inside the content that requires them to fill any form of contact information.


Unlike the above if you own a car dealership business then your final goal is to make people get the car dealership. Here no gated content is required, but it must contain a local spin. It must answer all the basic queries that comes in the customer’s mind while the car buying process. You must depict all the human things that would make this deal a trustable and unique one. Show them how you treat your customers with care. Trust is the key element in these kinds of industries as they have to fight the stereotype of a used car salesman.


Find your primary audience and their targeting points.


Second important part is to get to know your target audience for your content. Many people are at your bay to make this part a very easy process. Try talking to these teams inside your own organization:

They are the people with whom the customers talk to on a regular basis. Note down all the things in which your customers are struggling with and what content could be created to help answer their questions. Start your own research by surfing social media and forums. A goldmine is the subreddits that are present in the Reddits on your topic. There are also many live, related groups on all social media platforms namely Facebook and LinkedIn.


Fix your brand’s unique expertise.


Always try to go even further inside and find out the things that makes your brand a unique one. It may not be the product itself. Widen your research into who are your experts in this subject matter and their contribution to the organization. Also look into the process of your product development. Most valuable expertise on the surface might be the boring stuff. So turn every stone possible.


Figure out your content tilt.


Put the cards 2 and 3 together on the table. Find put the unique content angle your product is based on.


Form a list of potential content topics based on the content tilt.


Brainstorming various topics helps a lot. After you find your content tilt, now it will be easier derive to the topics about what your brand must create about. Also, they’re the topics which your audience cares about much. This helps in getting all around the organization people to involve, like sales departments, product management and customer service combined together. Do make them clear about your content tilt before brainstorming to make sure you don’t get caught off topic.


Perform keyword research


After preparing a list of great topics for the content, now let’s get into the research of long-tail keywords and finding out the best keywords to target based on the listed out topics.


Create Content


Getting into shape with all the gathered pieces, now it’s time for the creation work. This is the exited segment of all.  After completing the keyword research and also knowing the content tilt, collect all the research information you need and sketch the content outline.


After perfectly sketching out the content with the exact-match target keyword, all the topics are now covered to rank on the front page. We have also positioned our content well for anticipated future searches.


As we have developed such a strategic content. Now is time for us to launch it without any further delay. Like all the SEO work, you might get an initial lag before getting visible results. Make a report based on the goals of your content. It will help you to track the performance of your content on regular intervals. Even after couple of months you couldn’t find any growth, and then it would be advisable to get back on the content strategy and revise your content tilt and check whether you have developed it correctly.


If you’re interested in discussing more on content marketing and SEO, check out the SEO Specialist in Chennai.


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