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H1 Tag Optimization


When it comes to ranking of website or pages in the search engine the algorithms has to be followed in a stern proposition to build the sites to prompt the ranking positions.


As a digital marketer or a designer or a developer, it is formidable that they should possess the foremost knowledge in using the heading tags or the HTML tags that plays a vital role in surging up your website ranking.


For those who possess at least a glimpse of knowledge in SEO and content marketing would know about the blistering extent of the traffic generated from them. But how does one make cutting-edge contents in the sites that stand firms outsmarting their competitor’s in generating more traffic.


The one among many finest answer is the H1 tags, which act as the snippet of code to inform the search engine about our content and the heading.


How to Use H1 tags:


Although it’s not a rocket science to understand the usage of H1 tags, it is mandatory for the SEO operations and once you understand fully you will realize your ranking would hit the roof top.


Every page in the Website should possess only one H1 tag like the title of your content, or just a heading that highlights your keyword.


It’s a logical question why not more than one; but the actual proposition is that using more than one H1 Tag in a page will confuse the search engine in the crawling process.


The characters used in the H1 tag should be 20-70, making it short would be a waste of valuable space and making it long will be like diluting the intensity of the tag.


The most important fact is that your H1 tag should stand out with the highlighting elements, strong and should not be unnoticed.


Why is it so important?


The SEO techniques in this era are not the same as it were in the past, it has changed drastically and as a digital marketer, it is essential to grasp all the innovation to succeed.


Even the top SEO companies in Chennai, Bangalore or Delhi, or name any place you want to, are still the learners are still the learners in the art of Digital Marketing.


With just a self-analysis one can picture the effectiveness of using H1 tag as almost 80% of the successful websites in ranking is influenced by using H1 tags in their pages.


Foremost benefit of all is that it enhances the user experience of the visitors to the website which is a prime factor. Highlighting the tags with the keywords or the heading in the site will increases the intent of what the visitors are going to read or you’re going to present just at the glance of the click.


The enhancement of the H1 tags on the website would either make prospects or break your ranking, content, and website and traffic unless you realize the potential of it.


In case if you have not engaged in H1 tags in your SEO operations then revamp your site with the H1 tags and watch the traffic surge flow on your website.


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