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Every company that has a website seems to have blog pages these days. But many companies are unaware of the fact that we can capitalize on the blog content to maximize SEO results. There is a great possibility to improve the websites traffic, visibility and results in search engines by using quality blog content. Here are some of the ways you use blog content for SEO,


Giving a striking name for your blog

Marketing needs to be attractive and stand out in the crowd. This applies for content marketing too, an appealing blog title can increase the curiosity to read the blog. I sometimes get irked when visiting a website where the blog title is just “Blog”! So when writing a content as a marketer it is vital to give an attractive tile to the blog. Ask yourself these questions before finalizing the title,

What is the overall theme of the blog?

What description would suit your industry?

Can I add SEO keywords in blog name or tile?

Finally, audience whom I am going to target?


Target specific audience for each post

There is no use in writing a blog if it can’t reach the specific segment of the audience you wish to target. Being a content marketer we should create a content which has keywords and specific customers’ needs and solutions. For example, if you are a technology company you should add a post about hot topics in technology like (Advancements in AI) that targets audience who are trying to grasp ( AI Technology). Which Digital Marketing Agency in Chennai makes use of.


Build an effective URL structure

Having an effective URL naming is good for both Bloggers and website visitors,


Makes results reporting easy

I have noticed some websites do not add a separate URL syntax “/blog/ “even keeping their blog in the main page. This usually makes the process of tracking the overall progress of the blog using analytics. Hence it is good to include “/blog/” in the URL structure to improve reporting analysis.


User-friendly URL

It is a common practice by marketers to include every word in the title as URL. But it looks pretty crowded and not attractive to users. Tip: Try leaving out the conjunction live “as” “and” in your URL.

A non-user-friendly URL looks like;

https://www.example site/SEO-guide-and-its-competitive-advantage-for-clients/

A user-friendly URL looks like this;

https://www.example site/seo-guide- competitive-advantage-clients/


Take advantage of Social Media

There are many benefits in sharing your blog on Social Media platforms

  • Referral traffic can increase through social sharing
  • SEO ranking may be improved due to Social signals included in the Ranking Algorithm
  • The official social page can be kept relevant and active

It is always recommended to share your Blog post in social media. Try adding some description of your blog with keywords as social signals can improve the ranking due to its ranking algorithm.

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